About company

About company

Zahrat Al Waha For Trading Company is a Saudi joint stock company under the decision of the Ministry of Commerce and Investment No. 86 / dated 28/03 / 1438H (corresponding to 27/12/2016) and registered in the Commercial Register of Riyadh City at 1010190390 dated 10/08/1424 H 2003). The company’s headquarters are located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The Company’s capital is currently SR 150 million (SR 150,000,000) divided into fifteen million shares (15,000,000) shares. The company operates through its factory, which is the only commercial and industrial activity, with a total area of ​​67,638 square meters .

The company was initially established as an individual institution under the name Zahrat Al Waha Trading Est. The Zahra Al Waha Trading Est. And its subsidiaries were subsequently transformed into a limited liability company and subsequently converted into a closed joint stock company.

The company’s factory, which was established during 2012, is one of the factories that uses modern technologies in the manufacture of plastic profiles and plastic sheets in various sizes, weights and colors, which are used in the mineral water bottling sector. The factory is limited to manufacturing and selling these products to the mineral water bottling companies in Saudi Arabia and abroad. The factory consists of two independent production units, one of which is dedicated to the manufacture of plastic profiles (plastic) and the other to manufacture plastic sheets with a capacity of more than 80 thousand tons per year

The plastic sheeting and plastic sheeting are manufactured by high quality thermal injection machines from one of the largest companies specialized in this field. They are characterized by modern techniques and high speeds operated by specialized engineers to ensure the quality of the finished product

One of the company’s top priorities is to adhere to quality, safety and environmental standards. These efforts have culminated in the company obtaining several certificates and approvals from local and international specialized bodies including ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 22000: 2005

The company has a wide and diversified customer base, and its sales are divided between Saudi Arabia and export abroad. Where customers buy plastic profiles and plastic sheets by blowing them up and filling them with drinking water in their own factories


To become the best industrial business-to-business partner in the preforms and caps industry across the GCC and MENA regions by expanding its activities, enhancing its existing relationships and forming new ones, and earning the loyalty of customers.


To build a new concept in the preforms and caps industry by providing several products of various sizes and weights of the highest quality, and services at competitive rates, as well as serving all the needs of its partners and customers



Zahrat Al Waha for Trading Est. specializes in the manufacturing of plastic preforms and caps, and has two factories (the Preforms Factory and the Caps Factory), as well as 21 high-profile European production lines that currently produce approximately 12 billion pieces of preforms and caps, and a centralized warehouse that is fully automated.

The Company seeks to leverage its leading position to continue gaining market share through expanding in the Kingdom and abroad (GCC and MENA) by establishing itself as a partner of choice for the beverage industry players to achieve this vision.

The Company has adopted the following business strategy:

Expand the Customer Base

  • To add more production lines to capture the increased customer demand (water companies) and to pursue other water companies. This would also require the Company to offer a wider range of products (i.e. sizes, weights, etc. of preforms and caps) to existing and new customers. To align itself with the changing needs of the market and its customers by focusing on products that are more in demand, and to discuss, understand and agree with its existing customers with respect to their respective needs going forward to fully align and channel its resources to meet those needs.
  • To leverage industry know-how and expertise, offer its new customers customized products to meet the needs of the industry.
  • To pursue other opportunities in the beverages industry including, but not limited to, cola, juice and dairy (i.e. milk, etc.) companies by further investing in infrastructure and machinery to enable the Company to meet the different requirement (i.e. size, shape etc.) of the products sold by these clients.

Enter New Markets

  • The Company plans to take advantage of the wide range of opportunities that exist in the GCC and MENA regions; this will help the company to increase its sales and, at the same time, diversify its portfolio, while working to develop new projects to further expand in the long-term.
  • To offer a wide range of products that meet all clients’ needs and become innovative to fulfil market requirements.

Utilize Technology, Enhance Manufacturing and Improve Working Capital Efficiency

  • To strive to enhance and improve its operational efficiency and capabilities to boost its profit margins and benefit its shareholders.
  • To automate processes to reduce costs, inefficiencies, lead time, response time to the customers, delivery time and inventory management, and reduce reliance on labor.
  • To utilize technology optimally to improve working capital efficiency, particularly inventory management; the automated warehouse is a key step towards accomplishing this goal.

Enhance the Company’s Capabilities and Improve Corporate Governance

  • To use human resources development to effectively support growth and enhance professional development of its employees.
  • To enhance corporate governance through better policies, control procedures and risk management.